Visiting Toronto

Posted on: 28 mars 2012

– So…where are we going on week-end this time?

– Try to guess. We are going to a very cosmopolitan city which has a strong economic dynamism and which contains many museums and numerous cultural sights.

– This is an easy question. We are going to New York!

– New York! No. (Said with a Canadian accent) We are going to Toronto.

– Toronto?! I did not think it had all the characteristics you just mentioned.

– Are you kidding? Let me remind you that it is not only the capital of Ontario but also the largest city in Canada and the fifth largest city in North America.

– I believe you, I believe you. But what will we visit once there?

– First of all, to get an overall view of the city, we can visit the CN Tower. Being 553 meters high, this is the highest self-supporting tower in the world. Afterward, if you want to see for yourself Toronto’s economic dynamism, we can visit its city center and its panorama of glass buildings. Alongside the banks, law offices and insurance firms which are legion in this area, there are theToronto-Dominion Centre, designed by the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the Royal Bank Plaza, the BCE twin towers, the First Canadian Place and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

– Wow!

– Like I told you. And with you being an architecture fan, you are certainly going to like it.

– Sure. But what about shopping?

– Same. We will certainly find what we want. Our main destination will consequently be Young Street which, being 1,896 kilometers long, happens to be the longest street in the world! Should we walk it to the end, we would find ourselves at the border between Ontario and Minnesota.

– What about museums?

– We will not be disappointed in that area either. All you have got to do is say what you want to see. If you want to see sculptures by Henri Moore and other works of art by European and Canadian artists, the Art Gallery of Ontario awaits us. If you want to admire works of art from civilizations such as Ancient Greece, China or Southern Asia, we can pop round to the Royal Ontario Museum. If you prefer to focus on Canadian art, we can visit the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. If you are more into sciences than into art, our recommended destination is the Science Center of Ontario which strives to simplify the explanation of sciences. Otherwise, if you love shoes, we can go to the Bata Shoe Museum which enables its visitors to see the world and history through shoes.

– All of this is incredible and attractive. I can hardly wait to be there.


Here are a few links for further reading in English and French:

1) International Toronto (French)

2) Visiting the monuments (French)

3) Toronto’s weather (English)


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